The New App That Helps Tradesmen Make More Money

Are you struggling to get customers? We know. Consumer behavior ever changes, competition is quite tough, and advertising costs are very high. It seems impossible to find new customers and grow your business. This is why service providers love Spetz – The Tradesman’s App. 

Spetz is revolutionizing the service industry by connecting thousands of verified customers to reliable tradespeople and service providers across the UK. It’s a simple app that lets you set up a profile based on what services you offer, where and when you offer them, and when a customer makes a service request that matches your profile, Spetz will connect you to them. You will receive the customer’s contact information and details of the job so you can contact them directly.

This Tradesman App is taking over the UK by a storm, but how does it work? Why should you use it? What makes it different from other platforms?

1. Direct Access 

Spetz also gives you direct access to your customers and is not involved in any way in your deals, so you have the freedom to do business your way! 

2. Cost-Efficient 

Spetz doesn’t charge a subscription fee, or take commissions on your jobs.  You simply only pay when a customer service call is sent to you. No calls, no fees! How about that? 

3. Exclusive Calls 

The app allows you to be the only specialist that connects with a verified customer in your area. So, you can get the deal and job done before anyone else hears about it! 

4. Fully Customizable 

Spetz grants you full control over the times you receive calls and the areas you want work. You have the flexibility to change your availability anytime. Now, that is cool! 

5. Easy to Join 

You can join with no upfront fees or membership costs. Just create an account, fill in your registration details, turn on the app, and get new customers. That’s it! It’s simple as 1, 2, 3. 

Spetz is a tradespersons secret to getting new customers. It takes care of finding you more customers, so you can focus on doing what you do best – getting the job done and growing your business. Click here to learn more about Spetz.