The easiest and fastest way to connect you with the best available Specialist

Get that pesky problem sorted out in only five quick steps:

Download the Spetz app.

It takes just a minute and you can get it for free from the Google Playstore and the App Store!

a) Select the Specialist you need from over 300 job categories.
For example, you could look for “Building and Construction” then “General Plumber”.

b) Select your location (where you need the work done).

c) Select the time that you want to be contacted.
A Specialist can call you immediately, or at the selected time of your choice.

You can add a photo or video along with a description of the problem.

The more the Specialist can see about the problem in advance, the faster you can get the best person for the job.

Once you make the request, the appropriate professional will get back to you within seconds and offer you their best solution.

You are almost there!
Check that all details entered are correct.


And that’s it!
The best-rated, available Specialist in your area will call you in around 30 seconds and can be with you straight away!

Upon contact from a Specialist you will be able to see the Specialists profile in the Spetz app immediately.

Spetz, locating highly recommended, professional Specialists near you, now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spetz is a fast effective innovative new system that includes Spetz apps, software, and website and all future technologies.

The System enables you to request a service from a Service Provider, Tradesperson or Professional to do a job or answer a service question when needed through the System. You can receive a call from a Specialist within approximately 30 seconds!

Simply fill out the Spetz app or website fields requesting a particular Specialist and wait approximately 30 seconds for contact from a local available relevant Specialist!

Spetz Specialists are in your location and can arrange to do your job when convenient to you, whether urgent or later in your schedule, providing a fast, efficient professional and reliable service.

  • Save time and energy finding a Specialist to do the job you need doing!
  • No more searching through directories or receiving many different alternative quotes from other old fashioned websites.
  • You are able to receive a direct service call from a rated Specialist according to various factors by entering your request into the System for a service from a relevant Specialist.

Consumers can use Spetz to receive contact from a Specialist without charge.

The System allows any Consumer to use it for private and non-commercial use in accordance with the System and its terms of use. 

Consumers can access Spetz on the internet by entering the System via the Spetz website (  or downloading the Spetz app from Google Play or the app store.

Simply start filling out the fields to receive a direct service call from a local, relevant available Specialist within approximately 30 seconds!

Spetz is super easy to use!

The Specialist is directed to the Consumer on the basis of their suitability and availability when the need arises using the System.

Spetz gives the Consumer quality service which is constantly upgrading and can provide ratings for the Specialist from previous Spetz users, utilizing Crowd Wisdom so that you can trust that Specialist.

Spetz works in any location in the UK, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Spetz Specialists have a geographic presence available for the job, in their chosen work location.

Spetz maintains a response rate of approximately 30 seconds in most of its Specialist responses. It’s a new innovative service Uberizing the service provider industry!

Spetz has a list of over 300 different kinds of Specialists to choose from to fit your specific job requirement.

The diverse drop down menu allows you to select a Specialist from the range of Job Categories ranging from tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, builders and painters, to service providers such as wedding planners, caterers and chauffeurs, to professionals such as solicitors and surveyors.

Whichever Specialist you need, Spetz-It!

You can choose a suitable time for the Specialist to contact you by filling in the require field when you request a Specialist.

You can also choose the time you wish the Specialist to come to do your job, whether an emergency or a job that can be done later in the day or week.

You can decline the Specialist that contacts you.

The System is designed to help you to receive your requested service from the Specialist according to various factors.

The System helps you to choose the best Specialist available. However, it is always recommended that you personally check the credentials of the Specialist along with any qualifications required within the law that the Specialist needs in order to fulfill the Service Call.

Spetz asks all of its Consumers to provide a rating after the Specialist has carried out the work requested, so that you can use Spetz knowing that you can trust the System will provide you with a high quality, professional and reliable Specialist that has been rated by previous consumers in most cases.

Spetz gives the Consumer quality service which is constantly upgrading and can usually provide ratings for the Specialist from previous Spetz users, utilizing Crowd Wisdom so that you can trust that Specialist.

Absolutely! Spetz loves to receive your feedback about the Specialist referred to you by the System. Your feedback is appreciated in order to improve the standard of the work of the Specialist, their reputation and to help other Consumers.

Yes, you will always have the contact details of the Specialist who has worked for you to use in the future in your history in the Spetz app.

The System selects the highest quality, efficient, suitable and best Specialist available. However, if you find you are not satisfied with the service you have received from a specialist, you are encouraged to rate the Specialist so that other Consumers are aware of your experience with that Specialist.

Yes, Spetz protects your personal details according to GDPR laws. The System takes care of the privacy of its users and respects it.

Please view or Privacy Policy Here (Link to Consumers Terms and Conditions)