Struggling to find customers?

Get customers in real-time, who need your services, in your area and only when you’re available. 

Let Spetz take care of finding you customers, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Join over 12,457 service providers already using Spetz to get new customers! 

Struggling to find customers?

Get customers in real-time, who need your services, in your area and only when you’re available. 

Let Spetz take care of finding you customers, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Join over 12,457 service providers already using Spetz to get new customers! 

Only 100% Verified Customers

How Spetz works


Set up your profile based on the areas you want to work, your services and availability.


When a customer needs your service, which matches your profile, you'll be connected directly with them in real-time so you can close the job.


You'll always have access to your customer's contact details so you can contact them directly for any future jobs or follow-up work.

No Membership Fees

Why should you join Spetz?

Full control of your availability

You decide when you want to speak to customers, you can also set yourself as unavailable when you’re on holiday, or just have a busy day at work.

A payment model that you'll love

Use now, pay later - our simple and transparent model, means you can join for free with no subscription or commissions fees. Pay later, only when a job opportunity is sent to you.

Cut out the middleman

Get priority with exclusive calls. You'll be the only specialist the customer connects with and get the job before anyone else knows about it. Around 60% of all exclusive job opportunities convert into jobs.

What Our Specialists Say

FAQs for Specialists

Spetz is an international app that connects service providers to customers who are looking for a service, in real-time. The app uses AI and creates the best-match based on the service provider’s location, availability, services and previous customer ratings.

Spetz has some unique benefits that help you improve the efficiency of running your business:

✅ Spetz connects you quickly to customers in real-time, so you have more chance of actually getting the job.

✅ Spetz is risk-free — there’s no upfront costs, and you’ll only pay a small fee for each job opportunity that you get.

✅ Spetz gives you direct access to your customers, meaning that you can avoid fees and contact your customers directly for any future work. 

✅ Spetz gives you full control over the times you receive calls from customers and the areas in that you want to work. Each opportunity is targeted specifically for you.

With Spetz, we won’t charge you any commission fees on your jobs or subscription fees, just to sit on a directory.

With our Use Now, Pay Later plan, you can start getting job opportunities right away, with no upfront payment, you’ll only pay a small fixed fee for each job opportunity you receive. Prices start as low as £6 and are based on the service you offer and location. 

When you join Spetz, you get immediate access to our loyalty programme, where you get credit back to your account based on your monthly spend, saving you upto 50% on your charges.

You’ll get notified about job opportunities through the Spetz Profile Management app via push notifications.

Whenever you receive a notification, just tap on it to connect with the customer who needs your service through a real-time call. Easy as that!

You can also choose to receive job opportunity notifications by email.

Of course, you’re fully in control. You can easily edit your availability, the services you offer and the areas you cover using the Spetz for Specialistapp. If you need any help, you can always contact our business support team, we’re always here for you.

We have over 400 services on the Spetz app, including all trade and home improvement services.  

We are constantly adding to our service types, so if you don’t see what you do, let us know at [email protected]

You’re the boss. Everything’s under your control.

After you finish your registration youll get access to the Spetz for Specialists app, from there you can control all your settings and get the full details of your customers, so you can reach them again directly for follow-up. control.

Our Spetz for Specialists app is rated 4.7/5 in the app store. We believe you’ll love it too.

Create your account

Add your business details, services you offer, areas you cover and schedule.

Complete your registration

You will join our 'Use now, Pay later' plan as well as free access to our Specialists Loyalty Programme to earn rewards.

Turn on the app and get new customers

With the 'Spetz for Specialists app' you have complete control to change all your settings. We also make it easy for you to see all your transactions and payment history inside the app.