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Spetz connects customers with service providers in real-time. Start receiving calls from customers who need your services in Manchester.

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How Spetz Works For You

Connect directly with the customer

When a new customer makes a service request, you’ll receive all their inquiry details and be able to connect with them in real time.

Get priority with exclusive calls

Be the only specialist the customer connects with and get the job before anyone else knows about it.

Customers sent to you on your schedule

Set and control the times you are available to respond to customer requests.

No Membership Fees

Find local tradesman

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Spetz Suits You Best​

Control your availability

Set specific times when you won't be available, for example when on holiday or if you have a heavy workload.

Only receive calls for your services

Set the types of services you offer and get a stream of customers requesting only for those services.

Only from the areas you cover

Select the areas you want business to come from and start receiving targeted requests from those exclusive areas.

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FAQs for Specialists

Spetz is an innovative and easy global technology system connecting the general public to various tradespeople, service providers and professionals across the UK in real-time. The connection between the specialist and customers takes place in around 30 seconds! 

There are several benefits to joining Spetz:  

✔ Get more work: faster, easier and more consistently than ever before.  

✔ Spetz connects you quickly with customers who are searching for your service in real-time.  

✔ You have full control of the hours you want to receive calls and the locations you are willing to work.  

✔ Spetz is risk-free with no up-front costs, only pay for the calls you receive.  

✔ Grow your client base quickly and stay in touch with your customers for future jobs.  

Once you have registered you will receive an email within 1 business day confirming your registration as well as our Specialist User Guide to help you get started. 

You will receive a service call via text message and/or email with all the details informing you that there is a customer who is looking for your service now. On occasions our automated system may call you to connect you to the customer directly. 

You can easily edit or update your service types, availability and areas covered by using the Spetz Specialist app any time. If you need any help, you can always contact our business centre. 

The more available you are, the more service calls you can receive, but you can easily pause receiving service calls when you are busy and save the cost of receiving service calls when you are not available. You can update your availability at any time through the Spetz Specialist app. 

We believe that a win-win situation works best. With Spetz you get full control of your deals without having to share your income with high commissions, membership fees or hidden costs.

With Spetz you only pay a small amount for the service calls that are sent to you – if you don’t get calls, you don’t pay!

We found that service providers like you prefer to work this way.

How to Get Started

Create your account

Add your business details, services you offer, areas you cover and schedule.

Select the option that works for you

Choose from our 'Use now, Pay later' or 'Top-Up' payment options and enjoy a limited-time sign-up bonus!

Turn on the app and start getting customers

With the 'Spetz for Specialists app' you can control all your settings, such as unavailability, services, areas, reports and more.

Start getting customers for your services, only when you are available and from the locations that fit you best!

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