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Trusted by over 700,000 customers worldwide

Trusted by over 700,000 customers worldwide

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Dishwasher not switching on, not cleaning the dishes properly or even leaking water? Whatever you need you can always find the right solution at the touch of a button. Spetz will connect you with the best available dishwasher repair service in your area within 30 seconds, anywhere across the UK.

Simply fill out the location where you need plumbing services, your name, phone number and hit “Spetz-It”. You can also schedule the time the specialist will call you and add some details about the problem if you wish. 

If you have any of these issues, request for dishwasher repairs now through Spetz and get instant results:

  • Dishwasher Won’t Start
  • Not Cleaning Properly
  • Leaking Water
  • Not Drying Dishes
  • Bad Smell Coming from Dishwasher
  • Broken Inlet Valve
  • Door Won’t Close Properly
  • and more…