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Trusted by over 700,000 customers worldwide

Get connected with a top-rated MOT specialist near you, recommended by previous customers. 

Trusted by over 700,000 customers worldwide

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MOTs are legal requirements to ensure that your vehicle meets safety standards and must be done annually. If you need to get one you can always find the right solution at the touch of a button. Spetz will connect you with the best available MOT specialist in your area within 30 seconds, anywhere across the UK.

Simply fill out the location, your name and phone number and hit “Spetz-It”. You can also schedule the time the specialist will call you and add some details about what you are looking for. 

Get your car checked, request for an MOT Specialist now through Spetz and get instant results:

  • Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Brake Check
  • Tyres and Road Wheels
  • Seat Belts
  • Exhaust and Emissions
  • Drivers View of the Road
  • and more…