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Trusted by over 700,000 customers worldwide

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Does your kitchen need a fresh lick of paint? Need a professional to paste your wallpaper or would like a new colour outside your house?  You can always find a professional painter and decorator near you at the touch of a button. Spetz will connect you with the best available decorator in your area within just 30 seconds! Get connected with a skilled and highly-rated decorator across the UK. 

Simply enter the location where you need the decorator services, your name, contact number and hit “Spetz-It”. You can also schedule the time you would like them to call you and add details about the work you would like done 

If you are renovating the interior or exterior of your home or commercial property, request for a painter and decorator near you now through Spetz and get immediate results: 

  • Wallpaper hanging
  • Patterned wall coverings
  • Feature walls
  • Paint stripping
  • Commercial decorating
  • Painting work for wooden frames
  • Interior decorating and painting
  • Exterior decorating and painting
  • Skimming plaster
  • And more…